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Top three colors you can’t miss in 2016

Le 24 January 2016, 13:13 dans Mode 0

Gray is a safe color choice. You can seldom go wrong if you are dressed in grey. The color gray is as elegant as the color black. Gray goes well of nearly all colors. And gray is also a color that will never be outdated.

Tips on wearing gray:

  1. If you have lighter skin tone, opt for dark gray. Choose lighter gray if you got darker skin.
  2. The color gray is a great choice if you want a low-key yet elegant look.
  3. Gold accessories are your best choices if you don’t want to look too mature and dull.

Olivia Palermo looked super elegant in two pieces of gray clothes.

EXCLUSIVE: Olivia Palermo looking great in gray for fashion week

Naomi Watts paired her gray evening dress with luxury diamond jewelry, really glamorous!

Naomi Watts arrives on the red carpet before the screening of the film "La Tete Haute (Stand Tall)" during the 68th annual Cannes International Film Festival in Cannes, France on May 13, 2015. Photo by David Silpa/UPI Photo via Newscom

Nude color is a feminine color. This color is born with advanced fashion sense. Compared with beige, nude is more girly. Nude color works especially well in women who have yellow skin tons. It may highlight your skin and make you look healthy and stylish.

Tips on wearing nude:

  1. The perfect way to rock the nude color trend is wearing nude from head to toe. If you don’t want to look tedious, try using different fabrics and different shades.
  2. Hard-wearing leopard printed clothing looked especially elegant when accessorized with nude colored accessories.
  3. Gold accessories are also perfect to upgrade a nude colored piece to next level. Besides, wine red lipstick can make you look super stylish.

Leila Yavari added a nude wind coat over her black dress, so stylish.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX (3624938r) Leila Yavari Street Style, Paris Fashion Week, France - 05 Mar 2014

Emma Roberts chose a nude color evening dress for Emmy Awards, the classic dress style and feminine nude color made her look like a goddess.

Emma Roberts

Navy blue is an interesting color. It can be quite, but can also be really playful. This seemingly low-key color should not be associated with the "old" and "boring".

Tips on wearing navy:

  1. Since navy blue has been a “uniform” color for a long time, this color would easily make people associate with dull. So pay special attention to the clothing style.
  2. If you want your navy blue clothing look boring, try to find clothing that has playful prints.
  3. Bright colors like orange, baby blue and powder pink are great color choices if you want to achieve vintage style.

Rebecca Ferguson showed her feminine charm with navy blue jumpsuit.

Rebecca Ferguson

Want to make you navy look appear luxury? Pair it with gold accessories.



How to dress for business casual party

Le 10 January 2016, 11:06 dans Mode 0

Business casual dress code became popular among white-collar workers in America and Canada in 1990s. When an invitation to a party suggests business casual attire, many people are stumped. Do you know what business casual dress code really mean? The ability to discern the appropriate business casual wear may not come naturally to everyone, but there are some dress code guidelines that fit the definition of this style.
When an invitation to a party suggests business casual attire, many people are stumped. Choosing an outfit that falls somewhere between too relaxed and overly professional can be a tough call. Whether an office shindig or event with friends asks for business casual attire, you probably have something that fits the part. Don't be fooled by the word casual in business casual attire. You're still expected to look polished. The ability to discern the appropriate business casual wear may not come naturally to everyone, but there are some dress code guidelines that fit the definition of this style.
Before you walk out of the house or office bound for the party, determine if the outfit passes the club test. If you would wear it for a night of dancing, it is unlikely to be suitable business casual attire. Sequin tops and pants adorned with rhinestones belong at a different kind of party. A stylish cardigan or blazer with a conservative top is a perfect choice for women. Dark colors convey authority; bright colors convey friendliness. Light colors, such as taupe and khaki, generally are more casual than black, gray, and navy blue.
Usually, business casual clothes should be ironed, clean, and have no tears or holes at all. All seams should be finished. In the hot summer months, wear things you'll feel comfortable in when you're outside in the heat and inside in air conditioning. Moreover, make sure your clothing and shoes are comfortable. The more comfortable you feel, the more confident you feel. Overdressing is better than underdressing. So when in doubt, err on the side of formal.
A number of small things can kill a positive impression, here are some tips to keep in mind:
1. Do not use bright color and wild patterns excessively.
2. Keep your jewelry simple, do not wear too much. Keep it simple with a conservative watch, classic bracelet and modest earrings.
3. Avoid sheer fabrics that will show your undergarments.
4. Go easy on the makeup and cologne, keeping both light.
5. Do not wear spiky, strappy sandals in metallic colors or with rhinestones, or open-toed shoes.


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Try modest wedding gown in 2016

Le 31 December 2015, 16:00 dans Mode 0

Are you going to hold a grand church wedding? Then you should opt for a modest wedding gown at first. When talking about modest wedding gowns, we would think of long sleeve wedding gown or a timeless dress with bateau neckline. Many celebrities also choose modest wedding gowns on their wedding day. It is possible now to find modest wedding dresses that are both modest as well as stylish.
The modest wedding dresses are commonly chosen by women who have the older ages when they are married. It is easy to be taken today since you can get it from some sources. Sometimes women from the younger age also like to choose a modest style wedding gown. Choosing modest wedding dresses can really be difficult. As for finding modest wedding dresses, the first thing you need to do is eliminating some dresses out of modest ones and select from the rest.
The modest wedding dresses are commonly made in the form of the wedding dress with sleeves. You may also get some of them that are composed based on the design without sleeves. Some women can be more appropriate to choose the design with sleeves while some others can be more appropriate to choose the contrary one. The common color used for the modest wedding dresses is white color. Some of them are created as the plain wedding dress while some others are offered in the model of the wedding dress with some additional decorations.
There are plenty of ways to stay glamorous while remaining modest on your big day. Since your guest list will likely include your grandparents and even great-grandparents in some instances, slinky styles with cutouts, sheer details, and sexy necklines may not be the best choice for your walk down the aisle – but that doesn't mean your ensemble has to be boring. There are many silhouettes like mermaids, fit-and-flares, and sheaths that show off your curves while remaining tasteful. Consider long sleeve styles for a covered look, or wear a gown with embroidered illusion sleeves and necklines to show just the right amount of skin. If you desire a sexier ensemble, consider changing into a second wedding dress for the reception or after party.
For the married among us, there’s good news for you! BlackFive just launched 2016 wedding and bridesmaid dress collection. Depending on how casual the theme is for your wedding, you can even turn one of the many cute bridesmaid dresses into a wedding dress.


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